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About the Museum

Claudio Arrau Leon Interactive Museum was inaugurated on December 2005 for the purpose of honoring and recognizing the cultural figure of this illustrious son of fame. Among its objectives highlights the research, study, exhibit and make known his personal assets and inform the life and artistic career of Claudio Arrau besides the music and encourage young talents on the piano. It also promotes and implements programs, projects and cultural development activities in the city of Chillan, such as competitions, exhibitions, meetings, festivals, recitals, concerts and more. The museum is made up of 4 rooms:

The Casa Arrau's Room houses the Master’s personal assets which were donated to the city of Chillan by his children Carmen and Christopher. In this room stands the beautiful instrument Clavier Virgil Practice mute piano that is part of a genre of machines for practicing the piano. The devices that have are meant to improve the technique of interpreting through the strength and control of the fingers that are obtained from extensive and repetitive practice. This invaluable tool has the reproduction of a gold medal which was awarded in the exhibition in Berlin in 1901. Also in this room are interesting collections of ancient instruments, photographs, clothing, furniture, crockery and glassware which belonged to the Master’s house in the U.S. The room also displays a complete collection of vinyl records, CDs and DVDs of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, and more recorded by Arrau.

The Carmen Arrau Library contains important part of Arrau other great passion: literature. The library is composed of more than 4,000 volumes (mostly published in German and English) covering a wide variety of subjects: Music, Biography, History of Art, literature, psychoanalysis, travel, etc.

The Interactive Room of modern and innovative architecture introduces visitors to the world of music in a pedagogic and entertaining way. A Giant Guitar allows visitors access to its interior and listen to its acoustic. You can also see a Figurative Piano on the ceiling of the room whose function is to show graphically the functioning of the piano, from the inside. A Virtual Piano, consisting of twelve notes, allows visitors to play on a piano keyboard which is made up of laser lights. Inside the room are distributed flat screen computers which have a brilliant program, where you can watch a full biography of Arrau as well as fragments of concerts, and classical music history in Chile and the world. Other important sections constitute the Magic of Tools, featuring the History of the Piano and Orchestra game, which is an entertaining and educational game that allows you to know the instruments that make up a typical orchestra concert, an interactive place that shows the visitor the individual sound and musical family from each and every one of the instruments that make up this orchestra. For the children, there is a space dedicated to games of knowledge and skills related to the life and artistic career of Arrau.

The Music Archive Room contains the Master Arrau Personal Scores, more than 6,000, some of which contain invaluable personal papers relating the Master’s fingering indications, entrances, dynamics, speed, tempo, rhythm and more.

Complete the cultural offer of the Museum a collection of works of art, which includes an original painting by Salvador Dalí, the Arrau Collection donated to the city of Chillán by the Culture Division of the Ministry of Education, among which include pictures of Bororo, Guillermo Núñez and Pablo Dominguez. Also on display are paintings by José Gil de Castro, a prominent painter of watercolors chillanense Luis Guzmán Molina, Ronald Röber, Jacob Cortez, among other artists.